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  • Paul Stubbs - Litigation
    European Court of Human Rights rule in favour of ban

    The European Court of Human Rights has today ruled in favour of upholding the UK’s ban on political advertisements. This means group such as ‘Animal Defenders International’ will not be allowed to advertise their cause on television. The ECHR upheld the ban because it agreed the ban was designed to stop a US political system… Learn more

  • EHL Family Law Team
    Why Not Come and See us Now?

    Over the many years I have been helping Clients deal with separation (both unmarried and married couples). I find that the vast majority wish they had come to see us earlier with what for them were unsolvable and confusing difficulties for which I can usually find workable solutions.   Many Clients quite naturally get bogged… Learn more

  • EHL Family Law Team
    Your quick guide to Child Maintenace – what you need to know

    The court does not have jurisdiction when it comes to child maintenance. If you have a problem obtaining child maintenance from the non-resident parent (the parent your child does not live with), it is constantly late or never enough, then the Child Support Agency (CSA) is the body you need to contact.   The CSA… Learn more

  • Douglas Wemyss - Commercial Property
    The Bank won’t lend your business money? Why not ask your own pension fund?

    If your Business needs an injection of capital and the banks won’t help. Have you considered borrowing money from your own pension fund? As long as the loan you make, is on commercial terms your business can usually borrow what it needs from your own Self invested Pension  (SIP) and both the business and the… Learn more

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